Why buy CXP?

I have over NINTEEN years experience with SUNTEK and other films like 3M, MADICO, JOHNSON, LUUMMAR, SOLAR GUARD, SUNGUARD. In this short article I want to talk about my three most important reasons I consider when choosing a window tint. There is a lot of good film out there.  SUNTEK CXP is my personal favorite for three reasons.

#1. SUNTEK CXP Shrink ability.

Some windows in vehicles are more curved and require more shrinking functionality out of the applied film without creasing. Where other films fell short I know I can count on SUNTEK CXP to provide me with the freedom to shrink the film to any extent needed without compromising clarity of the film in that over shrunk area.



#2. Stick ability.

This a very important integral part in picking the perfect film for your car. When I am tinting a vehicle roll up window and the corner is not sticking because of a very tight rubber gasket, it is imperative to have a film with the capability to stick down permanently when faced with challenging circumstances. In the long term glue is important to prevent bubbling in the tint especially in the back window.  Note… The reason for all the bubbles to show up in the back window is caused 100% by poor product not poor installation. Amazing right? So go ahead and call the $99 groupon tint guy.

Just remember “you get what you pay for”

#3. Color and clarity

When you buy a pair of sunglasses what is the first thing you want to do? Try them on of course and see through them right? If they are not the color you like you won’t want them. The same is true for tint. Depending on the brand of film you purchase your viewing experience will be different. SUNTEK CXP is not a blue or brown or green. It s a true charcoal and black film. This means the film will enhance your view, not hinder it.  Your sky will be bluer. Your trees will look even more green and alive.

 Finally in respect to clarity. You must choose a film that will give you optical clarity without the orange peel look in the film upon close inspection. I don’t know about you but that would drive me nuts having slightly blurry tint on my car and now I have to look through it everyday and one day it gets so bad because the glue is starting to defect and I now am unable to see out the back window when I back out of my driveway at night or when I am driving in general. Or if I have a hot date and I pull up in my purple and bubbled ride and

she/he won’t even get in my ride!!

 Like I said there are lots of film out there. I choose SUNTEK CXP for these three important factors in choosing window tint.