Window Tinting 

“why squint when you can tint”

Window Tinting

“why squint when you can tint”

Sacramento’s Commercial and Residential Window Tinting.


Commercial Tinting

    SUNTEK Architectural Window Films can be customized to meet your exact needs, in both Residential and Commercial applications. We offer a variety of products, all with an exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty, for custom and specialty applications.
      Our most popular office tinting is SUNTEK’s DRMDS 7 and SDS 20%. This highly efficient film eliminates 84% of the Total Solar Energy and

smacks the daylight 

    out of glare!
      I have personally experienced this film work wonders in hot buildings.

hip hip hooray!!!!


DRMDS 7 (one way mirror) The best privacy film on the market today. Totally duel pain and single pain safe. 

Home Tinting

Did you know our Ultra Vision film by SUNTEK is spectrally selective and insulates your home with IR rejection, keeping YOU warmer in the winter time and cooler in the summer?


  • ULTRA VISION – DS, a high-end, spectrally selective window film, is the premier product in SUNTEK’s Architectural window film line. Other features and benefits include:


  • Advanced solar performance, including heat, infrared, and UV rejection


  • An elegant, barely visible appearance


  • Low interior and exterior reflectivity, therefore, the view of the outside is unaltered




About Me

Serving the greater Sacramento area. Commercial, residential and automotive window tinting. We are located at 1875 Diesel Drive #7. Sacramento, Ca. 95838. I started Tinting cars as a young teenager. even before that I had the beating heart of an entrepreneur. Both my parents were self employed.  I can remember as young as eight sweeping hair shops and vacuuming movie rental stores in Concord, CA with my brother Shawn 18 months my junior. We had lemonade stands that made a few bucks here and there.

I started tinting in shop class in 10th grade. By 11th grade I retired from a name badge at my local grocery shop and went into business as TINT 2K WINDOW TINTING. I came up with the name during the Y2K scare in 1999.  thought the whole thing was kinda cool sounding. Y2K, TINT2K!! 

Our business is expanding, so we moved to a larger shop with 80 freeway access. We use a combination of hand cutting and computer SUNTEK TRUCUT software and a jaguar plotter to cut out your window film. 





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